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Atakama's encrypted data protection technology secures files and personal identities even if hackers breach a corporate network.

It's a new paradigm, beyond two factor authentication and passwords.

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We’ve made big strides in a short time, and there is nothing but opportunity ahead:

Commercially launched in 2019

Recurring revenue model with 10x revenue expansion last year

Domestic and international IP protection, issued and pending

Fortune 100 and US federal government contract wins

Major reseller partners like Ingram Micro to fuel exponential growth

Recent 6+ million captial raise on WeFunder platform

We want the people
we’ve pledged to protect to be the people who fuel our growth.

Historically, early stage tech investments are reserved for venture capitalists, but Atakama has other ideas! We want people, not institutions, to become long-term investors through the Regulation D (US) and S (International) investment vehicles. We are removing the barriers to early stage investment that have traditionally been in place, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio with a cybersecurity tech opportunity.

Investment for the people is not an empty concept, it’s our practice! Atakama’s previous Reg. CF round on WeFunder raised $5M in just five days, and $6.4M so far. Hear what people have to say about their experience.

Invest in a $2 Trillion Cybersecurity Market Opportunity


Invest in the future of cybersecurity today!

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Have a question?
Call us – (866) 710-5262

Invest in the future of cybersecurity today!

Have a question? Call us – (866) 710-5262