Invest in the Future of CyberSEcurity

Invest in an $18B cybersecurity market opportunity.

  • Unprecedented capital raise: $5M raised within five days of opening an equity crowdfunding round.

  • Rapid market adoption: total contract value exceeds $2 million, annual recurring revenue more than $1.25 million, up 6x year over year.

  • Growing customer base: more than 60 customers, including Fortune 100 companies, top-20 law firm, and one of the largest asset managers in the Southeast U.S.

  • Advancing cybersecurity for the U.S. Department of Defense: Secured a $750,000 award with the U.S. Department of Defense with a multi-phased total contract opportunity of $15 million.

     Invest in the future of cybersecurity today!

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Atakama has opened its doors to accredited investors to help fuel the company’s continued growth in the $18 billion cybersecurity market.

Rather than only allowing VCs to profit, they double down on their mission is to protect people like you, and they want the people they’ve pledged to protect to be the people that fuel their growth.

 Atakama was born through its founders’ experience in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, where the best-in-class security mechanisms distribute pieces of data across numerous devices. The concept is similar to having a paper password and splitting it across a dozen safe deposit boxes: it’s inherently far more difficult to attack.  Atakama utilizes patented decentralized file-level encryption to protect data, even after a hacker has pierced a company’s cyber defenses.

Atakama’s product is so compelling that investors lined up to participate in an initial $5 million crowdfunding placement that closed in just 5 days! Now you have the opportunity to participate in Atakama’s next private placement and invest alongside its next phase of growth.

Consider these facts:

Increase in Data Breaches from 2020 to 2021

of those data breaches include access to personal information such as Social Security numbers

more cyberattacks per week on corporate networks globally in 2021 vs. 2020

Companies are spending over $160 billion a year to fend off these attacks, and billions more in lawsuits and settlements when their data is hacked. Fortunately for corporations and consumers alike, Atakama has a data privacy and protection solution that companies have been begging for.

It’s a solution that is gaining traction with business customers of all stripes looking to add “next level” protection for their precious data, and it’s putting Atakama on the fast track for growth in the years ahead.

Atakama: Protecting Your Data, Protecting Your Privacy

Atakama employs the power of distributed encryption key management to protect individual files with a unique encryption key, split across multiple devices. To open an Atakama-protected document, you click on the file on your computer and verify your identity on your smartphone or other device.

It sounds like two-factor identification, but it’s much more than that. Two-factor identification protects the perimeter of a company’s cyber defenses, but it does nothing to protect sensitive data once hackers have breached those defenses. Atakama’s digital encryption system allows only those with access to the distributed keys (usually on a computer and a smartphone) to access protected documents, keeping critical data safe, no matter what happens.

The distributed encryption key for a file can be split up among several devices for enhanced security, but even the standard use case that splits the key between a computer and a smartphone offers extremely strong protection.

422% growth in customer pipeline since Jan. 2021

Atakama has almost tripled its customer base in the past year, increasing revenues to $1.1 million and total contract value to $1.95 million

Companies are recognizing the value of Atakama’s unique and patent-protected solution for data protection.

Not only has the company’s customer pipeline grown by 422% since January 2021, but its trailing 12 months revenues have topped the $1.1 million mark, a 10 times growth rate.

From July 2021 to July 2022, Atakama’s customer base almost tripled and total contract value reached $1.95 million. Total contract value captures the unearned revenue on what is typically a three-year customer agreement. Revenues are booked in the month they occur.

The next 12 months of growth look just as strong

Our Projected Twelve-Month Snapshot

Million in Total Contract Value

Growth across key verticals

Customers, more than tripling our customer base

Drive robust product roadmap toward additional features and capabilities

Support new revenue streams through product capabilities and licensing models

Expand channel, and intergration partner ecosystem

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Atakama anticipates tripling its customer base yet again and posting a four-times increase in revenues (to $5.1 million). Total contract value is forecast to hit $13.7 million in the next 12 months, and the current average contract value of customers in its pipeline is $29,000.

It’s all part of a rollout of Atakama’s solution to its top five sectors: professional services, financial services, education, media and manufacturing, industrial and pharma. Within that target market are 237.6 million global knowledge workers with access to an organization’s most valuable data. That target alone translates into a market of $17.8 billion.

Best of all, for Atakama and investors, the company’s core product is scalable to customers of all sizes, so it works as well for a company with five million customers as it does for a company with five.

Led by an all-star team

Any investment in a company is inherently a bet on management, and Atakama’s team is an all-star group. It starts with co-founders Daniel H. Gallancy and Dimitri Nemirovsky.

Gallancy, Atakama’s CEO, is a security-obsessed entrepreneur who has been engaged in bitcoin and crypto-related projects for a decade. He hacked together a Bitcoin cold wallet in 2021 and built a wireless ethernet system using lasers, long before Wi-fi existed.

COO Dimitri Nemirovsky is a confessed technology nerd and recovering attorney. After being introduced to Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2013, Nemirovsky left legal practice to become an entrepreneur.

Heading up the technology organization at Atakama is Erik Aronesty, who has been involved in extensive cryptographic work, even designing the encryption system for Bloomberg’s natural language processing group. He also managed “”

Daniel H. Gallancy

Daniel H. Gallancy

CEO and Co-Founder

A security-obsessed tech entrepreneur doing bitcoin and crypto-related projects for a decade. Hacked together a bitcoin cold wallet in 2012. Built a wireless ethernet system using lasers, long before wifi existed. Physics and EE degrees from UPenn.

Dimitri Nemirovsky

Dimitri Nemirovsky

COO and Co-Founder

A confessed technology nerd and recovering attorney. Dimitri spent 12 years as an attorney. After discovering bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2013, Dimitri left the legal practice to become an entrepreneur.

Erik Aronesty

Erik Aronesty


Erik has been involved in extensive cryptographic work, even designing the encryption system for Bloomberg’s natural language processing group. Erik also managed “”.

Scott Glazer

Scott Glazer


Scott has more than 20 years of experience leading outperforming sales organizations. His roster of achievements includes increasing annualized revenue by 60 percent at a prior startup, which enabled an exit to a Fortune 500 company.

Stephanie Weagle

Stephanie Weagle


Stephanie builds and leads high-performing global marketing organizations. Stephanie has held leadership positions at B2B technology companies in cybersecurity, IT networking, and infrastructure and physical security domains.

Together, these players are joined by a sales and marketing team led by Chief Revenue Officer Scott Glazer and Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Weagle. Glazer has grown a startup from ground zero to 10 times revenue in four years. Weagle helped video analytics firm BriefCam more than double revenue growth in less than three years.

A Ground Floor Opportunity

With a disruptive product ready to scale and the right leadership team to make that happen, Atakama offers accredited investors the opportunity to get on the ground floor of a company with exponential growth potential. Atakama’s Regulation D offering allows you to participate in the company’s growth before it goes public. As an accredited investor, you can jump on board Atakama just as it hits the steep part of its growth curve.

This is a chance to invest in this technology before the most investors hear about the innovative solution the company has created to protect data from cyberattacks.

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Invest in the future of cybersecurity!

Accredited investors, begin your investment journey by completing the form below.